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Return of the Soul – The Nakbah Project was undertaken during Scottish artist Jane Frere’s residency at Al Hoash Gallery in East Jerusalem. Jane lived in and moved between refugee camps working with Palestinian artists and young people to construct this massive sculptural installation, which includes recorded and handwritten testimonies.

For further information, media, videos and related links to this exhibition click on link below to Return of the Soul Website and for the Edinburgh part of the Journey click on Leith and North website

photos Trude Blows

<Aljazeera interview with the artist > During the Exhibition Jane Frere gave two illustrated talks entitled 'The Artists's Journey' talking about the Project. Jane also took part in a Discussion at the Edinburgh Book Festival with Ilan Pappe & Raja Shehadeh

Also Showing 'Love Without A Heart?'

"Love without a heart" is a word-play in Chinese based on the changes made to "simplify" the 5000 years old ancient Chinese writing, introduced by the Communist Government after WWII. Through my 3 years of Travel through the old Silk road; in Sichuan, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, India, I found that the "heart" that enabled the new Silk Road, culminating in the East-West fusion of Modern Hong Kong that enables diversity, innovation, new thoughts and new ideas!

Cecilia Yu


image: Anna Ray - Knot

Festival Exhibition of the Scottish Tapestry Artists Group (STAR*)
1 – 29 August, 2009

This is an ambitious, visually-exciting exhibition, which aims to reveal the artistic process from the initial drawings and first ideas to the final work of art. These final structures and drawings will be supplemented by individual artists’ showcases/boxes revealing the journeys from concept to concrete conclusion.










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